Wincredit: Urgent mini-credits without guarantee of € 1000!

By | June 15, 2018

If you are looking for a good mini loan company, it is time for you to meet Wincredit . It is one of the most complete mini - loan companies that we have seen, and its conditions are really good. You want to know more? Keep reading!

Who is behind this entity? Is Wincredit legit?

Wincredit is a reliable company, which has been offering its products in this sector for some time. Perhaps the only thing that can be attributed to it is that it does not offer anything different from its competition. Although the entities in this sector have us used to offering something different from the others, this is not the case.

In the only aspect in which they do introduce something fairly new is in the matter of rejected applications. Although the usual thing here is that this request is rejected and that's it, Wincredit offers a counter offer with a lower amount to some people who, although they do not meet all the requirements, they do meet the majority.

In any case, it must be said that this entity, although it does not have differential proposals, does not show worse conditions than those of the rest of its competitors, so it is an option as valid as any other when requesting a mini-credit on-line.

The Wincredit mini-loan

We have already seen that the company is reliable, so we can take a look at the characteristics of the mini-loan. You will see for yourself that they are very good!

  • Maximum amount: € 1000. This is one of the entities that can offer you the most money. Up to € 1,000 can be obtained through it, so we are talking about very high amounts for what is usually common in the microcredit sector.
  • Minimum amount: € 100 . This amount is higher than what the rest of the entities usually use as a minimum amount. However, if we take into account its relationship with the maximum amount, we see that it is not an excessive minimum, since that maximum amount is much higher than those normally offered.
  • First credit: € 300. New customers can only access a € 300 credit. This is what almost all companies do, since in this way they ensure that if that new client does not plan to pay, it does not generate a significant debt. It also allows them to filter clients who do intend to comply in order to offer them better conditions later.
  • Maximum period to return the money: 30 days. On this point he also agrees with the majority. It is the usual period that is usually given to make the return through a single payment. You have to be careful with this period, since returning € 1,000 in a month is not easy, and it requires foresight to raise the money in that period.
  • Minimum return period: 5 days. This minimum period is also within the usual. The shorter the term, the less you will pay, but the more it will cost you to return the money. Finding the balance between both aspects is very important so that everything goes as you want.
  • Response time: minutes. In just a few minutes it is possible to receive the corresponding notification as to whether the credit has been granted or not. Therefore, the speed is total.
  • Time until you have the money in your account: 15 minutes if you have the same bank or a maximum of 48 working hours if it is not the same bank. Wincredit makes the delivery in a few minutes, and how long it takes to take effect depends on your bank.
  • Early cancellation allowed: in addition to that, it has no costs or penalties, so you have the freedom to end the mini-credit at any time you want, which is very convenient.
  • Possibility of extension . You can also extend the term in the event that you cannot pay what you have to return in the correct term. In this case, there are costs, and they are quite high, so it is always best not to have to reach this point.

Requirements to request it and other conditions

Of course, to qualify for the microcredit you will have to meet the established requirements. The requirements to qualify for this mini-loan are the following:

  • It is not necessary to have a payroll: to access a credit with Wincredit it is not necessary to have a payroll. However, you will need to have a minimum income without which it will be impossible for you to be granted what you have requested.
  • No endorsement is necessary: Wincredit also offers you the convenience of not having to put a guarantee when requesting the mini-credit you need. This makes everything easier and gives you the peace of mind of not having to wonder what will happen to that guarantee that you have put.
  • People who are in ASNEF are not admitted : if you find yourself on a list of defaulters, Wincredit is not a company for you. This company is clear that it does not want to grant loans to people who already have debts, thus opting to veto their access to the products they offer.
  • Minimum age: 21 years. Wincredit is another of the entities that does set a minimum age. It is a very common practice that ensures that the groups that show more risk when it comes to repaying a loan, such as young people, do not access them.
  • Maximum age: 65 years. In this case, the entity joins others that are very restrictive at this point. 65 years is a very low age as the maximum age, especially if we compare it with other entities that either do not have a maximum age or put it at 70 or 75 years.
  • Freelancers, welcome: freelancers do have a place here. The only thing they will need is, like the rest, to demonstrate that they have sufficient income to repay the loan within the stipulated term.
  • Pensioners, also admitted : Pensioners are admitted as long as they also demonstrate that they have enough income to repay that loan. However, the maximum age of 65 years means that the vast majority of them do not have in practice the possibility of requesting one.
  • Valid for the unemployed : if you are unemployed, but have a regular income because you are receiving a subsidy, renting a flat or any other, you will not have problems accessing a mini-loan with Wincredit.

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Now that you know the requirements to get this microloan, we can go on to see what is the procedure to follow to obtain it. As you can see, it is a very simple process:

  1. Fill in a form with personal and bank information and the amount to request and the return period.
  2. The bank details are automatically checked and a response is issued.
  3. The answer comes to you and you only have to wait a few minutes to receive the money if it has been affirmative.

It is a very fast process and, if you have the same bank, you will be able to have the money for whatever you want in a few minutes, without any stone in the way and without having to leave your home. Therefore, the comfort is total.

Opinions of the clients of your microloans

Wincredit stands out in reviews for its reliability and credibility. These are its strongest points, since in terms of its offers and the characteristics of its mini-credit it does not stand out too much compared to the rest of the competitors.

If anything, the most important thing is the fact that the maximum amount they grant you is quite high, and many clients speak well that with this entity you can get such a high amount of money, since it is not usually the right thing to do. habitual.

It is not an entity that stands out especially for good or bad. This always ensures that clients who come to it have the peace of mind that they are in a safe entity and in which they will find conditions that are comparable to other entities.

As for the criticisms, the most common are those that speak of the maximum age . It is true that it is a too restrictive maximum age, but here each entity has its requirements and those of Wincredit, in general, are not worse or much harder than those of any other entity.

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So you see, Wincredit is one of the best companies in the entire mini-loan market. What are you waiting for to take advantage of its very good conditions and obtain one of its quick loans? We would not hesitate!