Switzerland Invest: The Best Home Loans in 2019!

By | June 12, 2018

Switzerland Invest is a company dedicated to mortgage loans and debt reunification. Those are the two legs of your business. Of course, keep in mind that, in this analysis we are going to focus on your mortgage loan. Let's go there!

What is Switzerland Invest? It is legit?

Switzerland Invest is a company that focuses, above all, on offering mortgage loans . And one of the most important values ​​of the company is to do it in a safe and transparent way.

Of course, all their activities are perfectly registered, supervised and regulated by the Spanish Consumer Agency, and all the signatures of the loans they offer are carried out before a notary.

Therefore, you can rest assured in this regard, because everything is carried out with scrupulous respect for the laws. But not only can we trust them for this reason, but also because of the excellent reviews in their favor on the internet from their customers .

In addition, they have a large professional team that offers all kinds of advice so that the client is calm. Of course, it is convenient to have independent advice (in addition to that offered by the entity), but it is good to know that they offer it.

Now, there is a fundamental requirement to be eligible for these loans, and that is that you must have a property to use as collateral. That is, you need a home to mortgage it and, in return, they give you the money.

That is why this company differs from many others (banks included). However, the conditions they offer are attractive enough that customers have very good opinions about it (as you can see at the end of the article).

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We will explain all of this in the following sections. For now, what should be clear to you is that SuizaInvest is completely trustworthy and that it is not a scam or fraud. You can be calm!

Features of the Swiss Invest mortgage loan

Next, I will mention what are the main characteristics of the Swiss Invest mortgage loan :

  1. Large amount of money : The amount of money you will choose is 40% of your property with a minimum of € 5,000 and a maximum of € 300,000. In other words, reaching the maximum amount is somewhat difficult (you would need a home of more than € 700,000), but it is clear that they give you the option of accessing a large amount of money in a simple way.
  2. High repayment terms : The highest term to return the money is 20 years, which is very good. Of course, you can choose a shorter time in exchange for higher fees to pay. But, in general, we can say that it is very good that they offer us such a high term.
  3. Quick response : The answer on whether you are a credible and reliable person to give you the credit is given to you in just 24 hours once you have sent the necessary documentation. So, at this point, despite being a much more "serious" loan than other fast loan companies, they maintain that speed that we appreciate so much.
  4. Long disposition of the money : Despite the above, getting the money takes more time than in fast loan companies. It is normal, it is a much more serious contract and requires the presence of a notary. That is why, from the beginning of the process until you have the money in your account, it can take up to a week.
  5. Extension : Suiza Invest allows you to extend the loan up to 24 months, with an extra cost that will depend on each case and of which you will be informed as soon as you request the information.
  6. Reduced APR : The APR charged in Switzerland Invest varies slightly depending on several factors, but, as a general guide, we can say that it is around 12.5%. Therefore, it is a reasonably low APR and it will allow you to finance your projects in a very comfortable way.

What requirements are there to apply for a credit in Switzerland Invest?

Now, let's see what are the requirements to apply for the credit :

  1. It is not necessary to have a payroll to obtain the loan, since the guarantee will be the property that you mortgage.
  2. It is essential to have a real estate to get the loan. This real estate can be a home, a premises or a company. In addition, it must be free of charges (although, exceptionally, they can give you the loan when there is little left to repay).
  3. It is not essential not to appear in ASNEF to obtain the loan (again, because the guarantee is the real estate).
  4. Due to the above, you can opt for the loan whether you are a company, as if you are self-employed, as if you are unemployed or as if you are a pensioner.
  5. They do not specify the minimum or maximum age to obtain the loan, but it is assumed that it is necessary to be of legal age and that there is no maximum age (the maximum age is established when there is no guarantee).

What is the procedure to get the credit?

Finally, we are going to see what is the procedure to obtain the loan . As you can imagine, it is a somewhat more complicated procedure than in other types of faster and simpler loans:

  1. Application : The first thing to do is the application for the loan. It is a simple procedure that does not involve too many difficulties, and it allows Suiza Invest to get a first idea of ​​who you are and if you are going to be trustworthy.
  2. Documentation : If you pass that filter, it is time to provide the documentation. You will have to present documents that prove your identity and an appraisal report for your property. In the event that you do not have the latter, Switzerland Invest will take care of it (although we recommend that someone independent do it).
  3. Contract signing : If, after the above, they give you the go-ahead for the loan, it will be time to sign the contract. It is something that is done before a notary. Precisely because of this greater degree of seriousness, it is common for the procedure to take a little longer than it usually takes in other fast-financing entities.
  4. Granting the loan : After the above, money will be sent to your account and you will have the money for whatever you need. No more difficulties!

And what about your debt reunification service?

The debt reunification service is an extension of the mortgage loan service. Basically, what they do is take all your debts (as long as the total exceeds € 5000) and offer you a loan to be repaid in up to 20 years, using a property that you own as collateral.

In this way, if you are with water up to your neck when it comes to paying the loans that you have outstanding, you can save yourself that difficulty to reach the end of the month in exchange for paying a little more in the long term.

Opinions about SuizaInvest

SwitzerlandInvest has a lot of positive customer reviews. Of course, as you can imagine, the clients who go to SuizaInvest are not the same ones who go, for example, to microloans.

Therefore, when we analyze Switzerland Invest, we cannot do so using the criteria by which we evaluate mini-loan companies. This is something totally different, and customers know it.

Having clarified this, mention that one of the most important points for which SuizaInvest is valued positively is that they allow obtaining loans of up to € 300,000 (yes, 300,000).

The fact that they offer advice at all times is also highly valued. Most clients are smart and recommend third-party advice, too, but that doesn't detract from the recognition of the value of the advice the company itself provides.

Another point that is valued positively is the fact that you can request your loans without being in Financial Credit Institutions. When having a property as collateral, the fact that you are or are not on a list of defaulters is something that does not matter to SuizaInvest.

The issue of terms is also very good, although perhaps the maximum of 20 years is a bit short to return the maximum amount of capital (€ 300,000). However, it is a point that is reasonably good.

As a negative point, logically, there is the fact that you can only access this type of loan if you own a home. But hey, this is something you already know when you go to Switzerland Invest, so it shouldn't be a problem.

So you see, Switzerland Invest has a good number of positive points that all clients recognize. That is why it is an entity with very positive opinions, whatever you ask.

As you can see, Suiza Invest is an excellent option when it comes to obtaining financing in a reasonably safe way and with low interest rates (precisely, thanks to using your property as collateral). So… You have credit for whatever you need!