Presto: Up to € 2000 in 30 minutes for whatever you need!

By | June 12, 2018

Presto is currently one of the best microcredit companies. Its conditions are very favorable for the client, and that makes it at the forefront of its sector. You want to know more? In that case, keep reading.

Who is behind this entity? Is Presto legit?

Presto is a mini-credit entity that does not work like the others. More than mini-credits, what it actually offers are lines of credit of up to € 2,000. This offer conditions everything else, and causes the characteristics of your product and the requirements they ask for are consistent with your product.

We are talking here about something that goes far beyond a one-off mini-loan. Therefore, it is something that you have to assess well and study its pros and cons. In any case, you will see that throughout the process the operation is different than with the rest of the entities.

For example, although in all of them you choose the amount you want, here sometimes they can tell you that for the amount you have requested they will not admit you, but for a lesser amount. This flexibility can be an advantage, since you will achieve conditions adapted to your personal circumstances.

The Presto mini-loan

Now, after seeing the reliability of the company, we can take a look at the characteristics of its microcredits. We are convinced that you are going to fall in love with everything they have to offer you!

  • Maximum amount: € 2,000. Without a doubt, the one that stands out the most in this regard. We are already talking about lines of credit more than mini-credits, but with much less demanding requirements than those of banks, which are usually prohibitive. It is an amount that can be perfect for starting a business or plugging many different holes. It is no longer a small one-time expense, but something much larger that can be a turning point.
  • Minimum amount: € 200 . As you can see, this is a fairly high minimum amount. It is something logical considering the type of product in question and the return deadlines that are proposed. If an amount less than those € 200 were needed, it would not really make sense to request this type of credit, but a shorter-term one, so this minimum amount is consistent with what is offered.
  • First credit: € 2,000. As you read it. Although credit institutions normally limit the first loan to € 300, Presto does not. In other words, even if you've never worked with Presto before, you have € 2,000 at your fingertips. Without a doubt, it is a good way to avoid those barriers imposed by entities with very low maximum amounts in the first loan they grant.
  • Maximum repayment period: 47 months . This is one of the great advantages that can be obtained with this entity. Although the amounts to be returned are high, your return can take so long that you do not have to worry about the fact that it is something urgent. Having almost 4 years to return these amounts makes that return very comfortable and simple.
  • Minimum return period: 30 days . The flexibility here is great. After the first month you can return all the money requested, if you have marked it. Therefore, you have a lot of freedom when choosing the method of return and the maximum term, this being a totally different operation from that of the rest of the entities of this type.
  • Response time: 5 minutes . In this, it does not change with respect to the rest of the entities. Speed ​​is essential for this sector, and the response time is decisive if you want the process to be as short as possible.
  • Time until you have the money in your account: like the rest, the money is in your account in a few minutes as long as they are associated banks. If that's not the case, you won't have to wait more than 48 hours.
  • Early cancellation without additional costs: obviously, this is one of its strongest points. This way you can cancel the credit at any time, with which there is good flexibility to allow you to adapt it to your circumstances at all times.
  • Possibility of extension: it is also possible to extend the return periods, although this does have costs. It may be a good idea at a specific time, but it is certainly something to avoid.

Requirements to request it and other conditions

As always, to apply for the mini-loan, it is essential that you meet some requirements. They are as follows:

  • It is not necessary to have a payroll: Presto requires demonstrable income, but this does not necessarily have to be from a payroll. Even if you do not have it, there are many other ways to receive monthly income that allow the entity to be clear that you will have enough economic capacity to repay the loan in the time established for it.
  • No endorsement is necessary: although we are dealing here with larger amounts, neither endorsement is requested. It is difficult to access amounts like this without any type of guarantee, so this is a point to take into account.
  • It is not possible to request it if you are in Financial Credit Institutions: here, yes, Presto is cured in health. Although there are entities that do accept this type of client, Presto does not, since it understands that it is a group with more risk than others, with which it prefers that the return of those large amounts that it grants is not in risk.
  • It is necessary to be a physical person: in this there is no change compared to the others. Presto only grants loans to individuals, never to companies, so you must be clear that the owner of the mini-loan has to be you.
  • Minimum age: 21 years . This is the age that is usually set in most entities, although some of them do not put any age above the age of majority. Considering the type of product they offer, it seems normal that they are somewhat strict with the requirements to minimize the risks that they take.
  • Maximum age: 70 years . There are entities that do not set the maximum age, but others put it at 65 years. In this case, therefore, we cannot be talking about it being a very restrictive requirement, especially if we take into account that its maximum repayment period is almost 4 years. It is logical that they take age into account when repaying such a loan.
  • Valid for self-employed: there is no problem if you are self-employed. As long as you can show that you have a regular income, Presto will not give you problems when it comes to being admitted like anyone else.
  • Valid for pensioners: pensioners are not rejected here either. Of course, they must take into account the maximum age, since there are not many pensioners who are below that age.
  • Valid for the unemployed: as long as you have an unemployment benefit or some other regular income, you will not have any problem when accessing these lines of credit. The most important thing for the entity is the regular income, not the specific situation in which you find yourself.

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Now that you are clear about the minimum requirements to qualify for the mini-loan, let's see what procedure you must follow to obtain it. As you can see, it is a very simple process:

  1. Register on the web: in a couple of minutes, fill out a form that will also serve to study the granting or denial of credit.
  2. The response is expected, which usually takes between 10 and 30 minutes.
  3. An email is received with that response. If what you have requested has been granted, you will have a confirmation button, which is the way to give your consent.

It was a simple process, right? In fact, from the moment you start to register until the answer arrives, no more than a few minutes pass . This is important so you don't spend too much time waiting until you know if you can continue on this path or not.

Opinions of the clients of your microloans

Presto is an entity that causes a flood of opinions on the network , since the high amounts it offers and the fact that it is an entity with original proposals means that many people have looked at it as a way to obtain a type of financing different from that of other entities.

There are people who are surprised by these conditions, and prefer other types of more classical entities. However, it must be said that the good ratings are much higher than the reviews for Presto.

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As you can see, if you were looking for a good mini - loan company, few are going to offer you such positive conditions as Presto . Of course, if you have any questions, you can leave us a comment and we will try to solve it in the shortest possible time.