Cetelem: Online personal loans of up to € 60,000

By | May 31, 2018

Cetelem is a large European bank dedicated to consumer-oriented loans and credits. In other words, an excellent option if what you are looking for is a personal loan with which to finance a whim or project. Let's see it in a little more depth!

What is Cetelem? A little history

Cetelem (whose full name is BANCO CETELEM) is a bank dedicated to consumer loans. This includes both online credits and consumer-oriented credit and credit cards.

It is a French bank that already has more than half a century of history, having been born in 1953 by the hand of Jacques de Fouchier. Just 10 years later, it was listed on the Paris Stock Exchange . This was the spectacular growth of this bank.

Since then, it has remained quite at the forefront in the world of loans and credit. So much so that it was the first bank in France to offer credit cards, back in 1965.

In 1973 Cetelem Direct was born, which is the part of the business aimed at giving consumer loans and credits (for which we analyze it today). And in that same year they also create CARDIF, an insurance company.

In Spain we did not have the presence of Cetelem until 1988 . Since then it has grown little by little, employing 1,200 people and having 2.5 million clients (in Spain alone, in the other 25 countries where it operates it has many more).

Another interesting point about Cetelem is that it is a partner of a good number of companies dedicated to consumer products, such as furniture, computers or the automotive world.

Thus, when any of these companies finance their products, they are often doing it through Cetelem.

Cetelem ... Is it reliable?

With all the above, it should have been quite clear that yes, it is totally reliable. Not only because they have a long history and a lot of experience behind them, but because they really have smart managers who are doing things very well.

Also, you have to bear in mind that Cetelem operates in more than 25 countries . This means that it is subject to the analysis and studies of the different organizations and regulatory entities in each of these countries.

If any of those entities saw something strange, they would issue a report that would automatically be available to all other entities, which, in turn, could take action against Cetelem.

In short, it is a highly monitored company, fully analyzed and supervised by the competent authorities of various countries, and that means that you cannot do improper things and that you must take maximum care of your accounts.

And, in fact, it does. That is why the 2008 crisis barely affected him and he was able to continue growing with relative tranquility (all the tranquility that you can have when your business is dedicated to credit and you are in the middle of the greatest crisis in memory, of course).

So, in general, you can rest easy: You don't have to fear any kind of fraud or scam by Cetelem , and you don't have to fear that it is an insolvent bank either. It is not.

Cetelem's activity

Cetelem has a wide activity, with different small businesses that seek to offer solutions to different problems that we may have in our day to day as consumers. They are as follows:

  1. Point of sale financing : This is the bulk of Cetelem's business, representing 60% of its activity (more or less). It is, as we mentioned before, the financing of consumer products in physical stores where they are sold through their partners. It has more than 4,000 partners and 1,000 associated dealers.
  2. Credit cards : This is Cetelem's second business, and it represents 30% of its activity. They have more than 430,000 active cards around the world, which is a good account of the broad scope that the company has in this regard.
  3. Direct credit : Finally, there are direct credits, which is the “least important” type of business for Cetelem, since they represent only 10% of its activity. You can contract your credits through their website, via WAP and by phone. In addition, the fact that it represents a small part of your total business is something positive for those who want a loan, because they offer better conditions.

Cetelem Observatory

The Cetelem Observatory was founded in 1985 , and is dedicated to conducting qualitative and quantitative studies about the consumer behavior of Europeans (now also in Russia, Brazil and Turkey), as well as trends and new forms of distribution that are appearing .

This is not something that they do for the end customer, but they use it to have more information about where society is going in terms of consumption and, in this way, be able to anticipate events and have better results in your business.

In any case, those studies are published year after year, so anyone interested can access them and take a look.

What credits does Cetelem offer?

Cetelem, like so many other similar financial entities, has several direct loans available, depending on what your objective is . Here are the most important and common ones:

Car Loan

This first type of loan is a loan to buy a car , as you can well suppose from the name. What Cetelem is looking for is to help you get a new car, taking advantage of the strong presence it has in dealerships and its associations with different brands.

Of course, it is not only used to buy a car. Cetelem can also help you buy a motorcycle, thanks to the great agreements it has with brands from around the world and, more particularly, with very different dealers.

The minimum to request here is € 3,000 to be returned in a maximum of 60 months, the maximum of € 50,000, which will have to be returned in a maximum of 96 months. The minimum term for the return is three months.

The TIN ranges between 5.95% and 13.99%, while the APR ranges between 6.11% and 14.92%.

Reform and Home Loan

As you can guess from the name, here we are talking about a loan that is granted in order that you can pay those repairs that you want to make in your home (be it a reform or the purchase of new furniture).

The conditions of this loan are exactly the same (both in terms of amounts, as in terms of terms and interest rates) as in the previous case.

Travel and leisure credit

Surely you have already guessed it by the name: Credits so you can travel or spend a few days relaxing ! They are ideal to celebrate the honeymoon or an anniversary that will be worth remembering.

In this case, the characteristics of the loan are practically the same as those mentioned above, but the minimum TIN and APR are somewhat higher. Thus, the minimum TIN will be 6.95% and the APR, 7.18%.

Loans for studies

Ideal for students who are clear about their future , but who do not have the necessary liquidity to meet the costs of their studies. Not only is college tuition included, but many other study-related options.

In this case, the conditions are exactly the same as in the previous case (that is, the cost of a loan to finance a university study is the same as to finance a trip to the Bahamas - it doesn't seem entirely right to us, but they will know why do they, right?).

Health loans

Health loans are designed so that you can face the costs associated with some type of treatment to keep you ready (generally, it is used to finance assisted reproduction or something related to teeth).

This loan has the same conditions as those we have seen previously: A maximum of € 50,000, within a maximum term of 96 months (60 if the amount is less than € 10,000), and an APR of 7.18% and TIN of 6 , 95%.

Credits for celebrations

These types of loans are designed for weddings, birthdays or any other event for which you need money , because you want to ride it big but you do not have liquidity at that time.

As for the characteristics of this loan, the same as in the previous case apply.

Loans for other projects

Finally, there are loans that are outside of any of the previous options, and that can be included in the "Other projects" section. Here comes any loan to start a business, for example.

In this case, the characteristics of the loan are the same as in the previous cases, which is somewhat surprising, because, given the possibility that these loans are used to start businesses (which, by definition, implies a greater risk ), the interest they should demand should be higher.

It is not, so it is better for those who have in mind to take one of these loans to start a business.

Reunification of Cetelem debts

Apart from personal loans (internal link to landing of personal loans) as such offered by Cetelem, you also have the possibility of going to their debt reunification service available. This service is the solution for when you see that the credits you had are drowning you.

Debt reunification consists of taking all the debts that a person or family has, making a package, and letting the financial institution that is going to refinance pay it. Then, we extend the repayment terms of the total loan so that the total to be repaid is less.

What we do with it is pay more, but increase the number of installments, so we do not have to face such a high expense month after month. It is not always recommended, but, if debt is drowning you, it may be the only option.

In this case, the minimum TIN is 10.90%, the APR of 11.46%, the maximum amount to finance is € 50,000, and the months to repay the debt range from 3 months to 120 (that is, , 10 years).

Characteristics of Cetelem loans

Cetelem loans share some very interesting characteristics that make hiring them very interesting :

  1. They are 100% online.
  2. The answer is immediate.
  3. You have no ties when contracting the loan.
  4. You have maximum flexibility.
  5. You have a Client Space.
  6. You will have the support at all times of the specialized people of Cetelem.
  7. Possibility of obtaining credits for less than € 3000 through the credit card that the same company offers.

Cetelem reviews

In general, the opinions of Cetelem are very good . In general, what those people who have taken loans with the company come to think is that it is a company that is halfway between an entity like Cofidis and a common bank, like ING.

That is something that is noticeable in the credits they grant, which have all the characteristics of a direct loan given by a non-bank financial institution, but with conditions quite similar to those that a bank can offer you.

So, in general, people are very happy (after all, there are few financial institutions that can offer you € 50,000 to be returned in 90 months).

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As you can see, Cetelem is an excellent company dedicated to personal and consumer-oriented loans and credits. Therefore, it is one of our recommendations for those who have projects in mind and need money to carry them out.