CCLoan: Your mini-loan without payroll or guarantee instantly!

By | May 31, 2018

CCLoan is a great mini - loan company that is doing its job very well as of late. Do you want to know more about them? So, keep reading, because you are facing the most in-depth analysis that is done about this company. Let's see it!

Who is behind this entity? Is CCLoan legit?

CC Loan is an international FinTech subsidiary, operating in several Eastern European countries. It is a company that focuses on information, transparency and responsibility in requesting and granting mini-credits, which is reflected in what it offers.

This company has a free credit of € 300 available to new customers. This is a way to verify the responsibility of that client who approaches the company and to demonstrate that he is capable of returning the mini-loan he requested within the stipulated period.

It offers a great advantage to its clients compared to what the competition does: the extension of credit. This can be a good way out of situations in which the agreement is not reached, but there are indications that it will be possible to make this refund if this extension is granted.

CCLoan is a perfectly reliable company. If the conditions of your loans appeal to you, you should not worry about this issue, since they offer you as many guarantees as most companies in this sector, both at the legal and customer service level.

The CCLoan mini-loan

Once we have seen the reliability of the company, we can take a look at the characteristics that they offer us in their mini-loan. We are sure that they will surprise you!

  • Maximum amount: € 1,000. CCLoan excels in this regard. We are already talking about amounts that exceed what is normally granted in this type of mini-credits. It is one of the ones that offers the most, well above the average of about € 500 that exists in this type of product.
  • Minimum amount: € 50. Like most companies, CCLoan establishes this minimum price from which credits can be requested. It is a way that neither they nor the client waste time on loans that are neither going to make the entity earn money nor are they going to solve anything for those who request them.
  • First free credit of up to € 300. This first loan in which you do not have to pay interest is an ideal way to test the company, see if it meets your expectations, if it serves you as you deserve and if it will interest you in the future to contract more loans with it. And, for the entity, it is a good way to prove yourself.
  • Maximum return period: 30 days . This is the standard term that prevails in this type of product. The negative here is that if very high figures are requested, as is possible with this entity, the possibilities of returning it on time are greatly reduced.
  • Minimum return period: There is no. Although in its simulator the minimum term that is proposed is 5 days, the entity makes it very clear that you can return it at any time you have the money ready.
  • Response time: 2 minutes. We are talking here about the leading entity in speed, as long as they meet that deadline. The process is automated, making it easy to get an almost instantaneous response.
  • Time until you have the money: 15 minutes . CCLoan works with several banks. If you share any, your money will be in your account in a few minutes. If not, you will have to wait a day or two.
  • Early cancellation allowed: you can cancel the credit early and make you only pay for the corresponding days. A way to make things easier for you and adapt to you.
  • Possibility of extension: in this case, what would be paid would be according to the term in which it is extended. It is another way of making you have great flexibility at your disposal so that you can hire just what you need.

Requirements to request it and other conditions

As usual, to apply for the microcredit, it will be essential that you meet certain requirements. The requirements of this entity to qualify for the microcredit are the following:

  • It is not necessary to have a payroll : this entity allows you to request these mini-credits without having a payroll. The pension or unemployment benefit will allow you to access this product.
  • No endorsement is necessary: ​​as long as you show that you have that regular income, the endorsement will not be a problem for you. You can request a mini-credit without having to risk your vehicle or your home.
  • It is not valid for those registered in ASNEF: If you are in ASNEF, there are several entities that can accept your application, but CCLoan is not one of them. It does not accept those who are already in default, which helps them to minimize the risk of default.
  • Minimum age: 21 years . CCLoan does impose a minimum age that does not match the age of majority. This is based on the fact that the youngest people are one of the groups that presents the greatest difficulties when it comes to repaying the money they have loaned.
  • Maximum age: 75 years . A maximum age is also set. This means that, although pensioners are not rejected, those over this age are unable to obtain a loan with this company.
  • Permanent residence in Spain and having a Spanish account: this point is very important, since there are people who, although they have been living in Spain for a long time, do not have any checking account where they can deposit the money. This would be the first step.
  • Valid for the unemployed : being unemployed does not prevent you from accessing this credit. Of course, you must be clear that you have to demonstrate regular income, so everything will depend on whether you have it, either by unemployment benefit or by any other means that allows you to tell the entity that your income is regular in the time and enough to pay that mini-credit within the established term.
  • Valid for pensioners: another sector that can benefit from these mini-credits. Although it is true that the maximum age is 75 years, the majority of pensioners are quite younger, so that more pensioners can request this mini-credit than those who cannot.

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Once we have seen what the requirements are to get the microcredit, let's take a look at the procedure by which you can get it. As you can see, it is a process without any complications:

  1. Its website is accessed and the amount and term are entered in the simulator.
  2. Create a personal account from which to enter your data and verify it.
  3. In a few minutes the answer is received and, in just a few more minutes, the money in the checking account.

It is a very short and simple process in which everything is comfortable . The speed makes the time that passes from when you have reached the web until you have the money in your account is very short, which is a great advantage.

Opinions of the clients of your microloans

Opinions on CC Loan are mostly focused on how easy it is to do everything with this entity. It adapts to the deadlines you need, allows extensions, early cancellations ... that is, everything that can allow you to adapt to the eventualities that arise over time.

Other widely repeated opinions are those related to the fact that they are one of the entities that offers the most money in these mini-credits (internal link to landing of mini-credits) . Getting € 1,000 allows you to do a lot of things, and it's a good way to avoid having to ask for patches here and there to get to what you need.

The fact that they offer such a high amount is one of the main reasons why customers choose this company. It is one of the few ways to have € 1,000 available in a few minutes when you cannot get it with an advance or anything similar.

Regarding the criticism, the focus is also placed on the fact that such high amounts of money make it very difficult to return it in 30 days. There is much talk that this period is not adapted to the amount of money that is requested, and that it would be better to return it in installments.

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As you can see, CCLoan is a very good mini - loan company. Of course, you may find other financial companies with similar services. But… with the same conditions and such good service? That is less likely, we assure you.