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By | May 31, 2018 is a very good company of fast and small loans, and, in addition, it offers the most favorable conditions for its clients. Want to know more about her? Well, keep reading, because we bring you the best in-depth analysis!

Who is behind this entity? Is legit? is a microcredit company somewhat different from the ones we are used to, because it specializes in payroll or pension advances . Precisely for this reason, the requirements and characteristics of the loan vary somewhat.

As you can see in the following sections, does not seem like a particularly good company, but it is fair to make this differentiation and point out that it is not a regular mini-credit company.

Having clarified this, it should be noted that is a company that has physical offices in Madrid, which is always positive to claim if necessary .

It should also be noted that it is a Spanish company, and this is always good, both for the very fact of being Spanish (you will be moving money within Spain, which is always better than doing it abroad), and for the fact that, when claiming, everything is much easier.

Of course, although the conditions do not seem the best to us, the truth is that it would not be fair to say that it is a fraudulent company or that it can scam you. Absolutely. It is a clear and transparent company, as you can see in the following sections.

The mini-loan

Once the reliability of the company has been clarified, it is time to see the general characteristics of the loan that they offer us. You will surely fall in love with everything they have to offer you!

  • You can request an advance of up to € 600: Whether you are a new client or not, you will be able to request an advance or microcredit of up to € 600. This is almost double what most companies offer to their new customers. It is an amount that adapts to what is an urgent need, not too serious.
  • Maximum repayment term of 30 days: The repayment term that you will have for this microcredit will be 30 days. This maturity is the most common within companies in the microcredit sector. In this case, is in the sector average.
  • APR, in line with the sector: Microcredits are not a cheap product. Due to their very nature and urgent nature, APRs are usually quite high compared to current loans., in this sense, is in line with what you will find in other companies in the sector.
  • Quick process: Compared to other companies that only operate via the web,, performs the process physically. You will have to deliver the necessary documentation and go to the office, from there everything goes quite fast. It is much faster than traditional mechanisms.
  • Possibility of requesting an extension: In the event that you do not have the money when the expiration approaches, you can ask them for an extension. Thus, you avoid falling into default and its consequences and surcharges.
  • Free early repayment: If, on the other hand, you have the money before the expiration date arrives, you have it very easy., allows you to return the amount owed ahead of time and without surcharge.
  • If you do not return it, you will have to pay a penalty: As you can imagine, you must return the amount you request, otherwise, you will have to pay certain penalties.
  • You can return your advance by depositing into account: It is as important to know how we are going to receive the money we request, as it is to know how to return it. makes it easy for you, you will only have to make a deposit in the account number that appears in the contract.

Requirements to request it and other conditions

Of course, to qualify for the microcredit we must meet some requirements. These are the requirements that you must meet:

  • Be over 21 years old: You must be over 21 years old to request an advance at This measure is common to most companies in the sector. Being, in some cases, even more restrictive, placing the maximum at 25 years.
  • Have a DNI or NIE: Logically, it is necessary that you provide your DNI. It is an essential procedure for practically anything you do. In the event that you are a foreigner, you must provide your NIE.
  • Reside in Spain: it only works with clients who reside permanently in Spain. It is not a particular whim of this company, it is a standard shared by all companies in the sector.
  • Provide payroll or pension over € 600: To be eligible for an advance, you need to provide your payroll or proof of income, pension or subsidy receipts. This is to show that you have the economic capacity to repay the credit.
  • Not having another active advance: As in any company in the sector, in, it does not allow you to have two active credits at the same time. The moment you repay your first advance, including costs, you can immediately access a new one.
  • Have an invoice for a supply in your name : will ask you to provide an invoice for a supply that is in your name. It can be both the electricity bill, the telephone bill, the gas bill or the water bill. The important thing is that it is in your name, as this is part of the identification process.
  • Go to an office : Although this may not seem like a requirement, it is. You will have to go to the nearest office in the morning with all the documentation provided. I mean, you can't do it online.

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Now that we have seen what are the requirements to be able to get this mini-credit, let's see how to obtain it through your usual procedure. As is common in this type of entity, it is a very simple process:

  1. Gather all the documentation: First of all, what you should do is gather all the documentation that requires. As you have read in the previous point; It is essential that you have your last two payrolls, proof of your unemployment benefit or a pension that is higher than € 600 per month. You must also bring your ID and an invoice for a supply from the last month. With the mobile will be enough.
  2. Go to your closest office: Once you gather everything you need, the next step is to go to your closest office. If you don't know of any, don't worry. You can check on the website, in the offices section. There you can easily check which one is best for you.
  3. Pick up your check at any BBVA branch: Finally, you only have to go to the BBVA branch that best suits you. It can be anyone from all over Spain. All you have to do is go to the window and receive the check with your money.

Opinions of the clients of your microloans

The opinions of customers are not the best in the sector, but we cannot say that they are completely wrong . It is not the most recommended option, but if, for any reason, you do not have the option of going to other companies, this is a good option.

Thus, we find that the most common positive opinion is that they allow early cancellation and that the loan is granted very quickly, with the additional advantage of being able to collect the advance in cash at their offices.

However, there are several negative opinions, starting with its high APR (9000%), which, linked to the fact that they do not accept clients on delinquent lists and that they demand payroll, makes many people consider that it is a company with abusive conditions.

After all, a high APR is justified by the fact that the company takes risks. If the company is covering its back by not accepting clients in Financial Credit Institutions and demanding payroll, the logical thing is that the APR was lower.

This is why most people don't think highly of this company . And that is the reason that we recommend that you opt for some other company in the sector (if you can do it, of course).

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As you have seen, is one of the best companies in the microloan market. We hope this information has been useful to you and that you get the most out of it… We are sure that you will make the right decision!