Negotiating Agency: Reunification of Mortgages, debts and loans

By | May 31, 2018

One of the biggest problems today is the mix between the low level of financial knowledge of most people, and the huge amount of financial products that exist. How do you know which one is the best for you? To help you do this, Agencia Negociadora was born. Today, we talk about this company.

What is a Negotiating Agency? It is legit?

Negotiating Agency is a company dedicated to helping people understand which financial product is the most appropriate to solve the particular situation of the client, achieving the best possible conditions for it.

And it is that, in these times, we have an excessive amount of options and information. And, as different studies of behavioral psychology have shown, the truth is that the more options and more information we have, the worse decisions we make.

The reason is simple: Having more information and more options implies the need to have a greater depth of knowledge on the subject and on each of the possible options, and not all of us have that capacity (or that time).

In other words, when we only had three financing options, it was enough to understand those three options and see which one best suited our needs. It was easy. But, as we multiply the options, our ability to understand them all diminishes.

Therefore, we need someone specialized to study these options and understand them in depth, and give us their recommendation on how to act to achieve the greatest benefit with the least cost and risk.

And that is what Agencia Negociadora does: It is a company with a deep knowledge of financial and credit products, and, by virtue of the situation we are in, it gives us recommendations.

Of course, it is an entity duly regulated and supervised by the authorities and competent bodies, and, since they do not win or lose by offering you one or the other option, you can be guaranteed that their recommendations are reliable.

And, of course, an aspect that we always value very positively when analyzing this type of company: The opinions of the clients are very good. This gives us a lot of confidence and makes us see that the company really knows what it is doing and does it well.

So, yes, you can rest easy. For all that we have mentioned in this section, you can be absolutely certain that the Negotiating Agency is a totally trustworthy entity . This is not a scam or fraud.

What advantages will going to the Negotiating Agency bring us?

Having the help of a Negotiating Agency when looking for the best financial opportunities can be very useful for several reasons . We are going to detail the ones that we consider most important (although, probably, there are some others):

  1. Time savings : First of all, having the help of the Negotiating Agency will save us a lot of time. Why? For the simple reason that we will save ourselves having to carry out an in-depth analysis of all the products offered by all the financial institutions in the market (a titanic task).
  2. Savings in resources : Not only that. In many cases, knowing in depth what each of the financial products consists of implies not only reading the brochure that the entity gives you, but also knowing certain financial aspects that require training courses or similar (if you want to study them in depth, of course) .
  3. Greater depth of knowledge : And, even if you had the time and spent the money necessary to train, your knowledge would still be less than what a company such as a Trading Agency can offer you, because they will have multiplied that effort tenfold.
  4. Negotiating capacity : Another strong point to bet on the Negotiating Agency is that, once all of the above has been fulfilled, it is time to negotiate with the entity that is going to offer you its product. The problem here is that, if you do it yourself, there is a tremendous asymmetry. However, if the Negotiating Agency does it, which has a wide portfolio of clients and knows all the ins and outs, you can get better conditions.
  5. Comfort : Of course, comfort is also an aspect to consider. Think that, even if you comply with all of the above, you would still have to carry out the negotiation with each financial institution for each of their products. This is something that would take a lot of time from you. On the other hand, if you go to the Negotiating Agency, you only have to deal with one entity, and they will take care of everything.

And how it works?

The operation of the Negotiating Agency is very simple, because, continuing with their objective of simplifying people's lives, they have made an effort to make what they offer very comfortable and easy to understand.

Thus, the first step that will have to be taken is to know which are the different financial products that exist and which is the one that best suits our needs. And that is something we can do from the Negotiating Agency website itself.

Within this section, we can find options such as mini-credits, debt reunification, reverse mortgage, bridge mortgage, life-long mortgage loan ... Anyway, we can find a thousand and one options .

It is important to understand that each of these products is designed for each specific need that a person may have. Therefore , it is important that you analyze them well and find the one that suits your needs (in a first approach that may later be subject to changes after the advice of the company, of course).

Of course, if you want to go fast, you can choose the product and start the whole process from there. But if you want to get the most out of this company, it is best to request the help of a specialized advisor.

This is the second step (and we recommend it). What you will have to do is send a study application, which is completely free. What is done here is to send information about our situation, so that they give us their assessment of which product we need.

The process is very simple: You make the request from the web, and, in just 48 hours, you receive a call from a negotiating agency advisor to explain to us which is the best option and why.

With all this information, you will be able to make the decision whether to go ahead with the issue at the hands of the Negotiating Agency. If your decision is affirmative, you will have to provide the necessary documentation and they will get to work negotiating the best conditions for your loan.

When they have completed this work, they will contact us and present them to us. Of course, they will not give us a single option, but they will present us with several (the best they have achieved), and, although they will recommend the one they consider best, they will let us choose.

Therefore, you will only have to decide on the one that best suits your needs, and sign the contract in question. Negotiating Agency will take care of all the other procedures, so you will not have to worry about anything else. The operation will be officially closed.

When to go and when not to go to the Negotiating Agency?

Here you have to ask yourself something interesting: When should we go to a company as a Trading Agency? Forever? Only in some occasions? Which ones? And it is that, if they help us obtain the best conditions, the logical thing would be to think that we must always go .

But the truth is that thinking like this is a mistake. And it is an error for a simple reason: Going to the Negotiating Agency and having them advise us has a cost. Therefore, the most reasonable way to raise the matter is by looking at the relationship between that cost and the potential savings, as well as the difficulty of informing ourselves.

For example, if you have in mind hiring a mortgage loan, you will do well to go to the Negotiating Agency, because it is a loan of a large amount, and obtaining the best conditions will make a big difference in the long term. In addition, the cost of this advice in relation to the money that we will obtain is very low.

However, if you are going to request a € 500 mini-loan, going to the Negotiating Agency is not a smart option , because the cost of the advice will be a very high percentage of the amount of money you are going to receive, and the conditions will not vary too much.

In addition, informing you about which mini-credit is the best for your particular case does not require an investigation as deep as the Negotiating Agency does, therefore, going to them in this situation would be a bad decision.

What to do if what you want is to obtain a good mini-loan with good conditions and you don't have much knowledge about it? In this case, since it is a single financial product and relatively simple, inform yourself.

With an afternoon reviewing our analysis of mini-credit companies (internal link to mini-credit landing) , you will end up with a very clear idea of ​​which one offers you the best conditions. It is not the same as in the case of home loans, where much more knowledge is needed.

You can also go to a comparator of mini-credit companies and the results will be reasonably good , because the mini-loan companies differ little from each other and there is not much to investigate nor many bargains to find (nor much pressure to do to obtain better conditions).

Therefore, as a general rule, we recommend you go to the Negotiating Agency when the loan you are going to request is large and its conditions may vary in a sufficiently interesting way if the negotiator has a strong position.

Otherwise, it is better not to go to this company, because the cost of the advice will end up eating up the benefits that you can obtain in the long term (it may even cost you more the advice than having chosen an option that was not the best).

What do the clients think of Agencia Negociadora? Helpful feedback

The opinions about Agencia Negociadora, in general, are very positive . And, the truth is, it is very difficult to find any negative opinion, for the simple reason that they are a very good help for anyone who wants to finance themselves wisely.

Thus, most of the clients' opinions refer to the fact that, when a loan contract is to be signed for a significant amount, the best thing to do is to have good advice and get the best conditions, and that It is something that can only be achieved by a company as a Negotiating Agency.

Another point very in favor of the Negotiating Agency that the vast majority of clients point out is that it allows to greatly reduce the cost of information, both in resources and in time. And, also, with the added peace of mind of knowing that you are in good hands.

Many of the clients, in fact, compare going to the Negotiating Agency with the fact of going to a manager to make our Income Declaration: You simply pay a small amount to do things well and save possible future costs.

And, of course, the most frequent negative opinion about Agencia Negotiator is that the service has to be paid for. But ... what are you waiting for? No service is free . And it is true that being well informed and obtaining the best option has a short-term cost, but, in the long term, there is no better option than this (what you save is much greater than what it costs you).

Therefore, after all the above, we can say that, without a doubt, going to the Negotiating Agency is a very good idea if you want to obtain the best financing conditions in a comfortable way and having a strong negotiating position in front of the bank.

As you can see, Agencia Negociadora is a company that provides a very important service to so many people who do not have enough financial knowledge. A very necessary service in a country like Spain!