Kredito24: Asnef loans of up to € 750!

By | June 5, 2018

If you are looking for a good financing company in small amounts and that acts quickly, you have to know Kredito24 , one of the best financial institutions oriented to mini-loans without endorsement. Want to know more about her? Well, keep reading!

Who is behind this entity? Is Kredito24 legit?

Of course! When we talk about Kredito24 , we are referring to one of the companies in the sector that has been operating in Spain for the longest time. Although it probably sounds familiar to you, because it is one of the best known, it also has considerable international exposure.

Kredito24 belongs to the Kreditech group, one of the main groups in the microcredit sector in our country. This gives us evidence that it is not a small credit website. It is a project backed by a large business structure: Synonym of guarantee:

It is interesting to note that wherever you read about Kredito24 you will see that it is considered as Fintech . That is, an entity dedicated to the world of finance that has technology as its main banner. They are at the forefront to take advantage of this technology and offer you the best possibilities

The way they take advantage of it is simple. Getting the most efficient programs and systems that translate into two things: Simplicity and speed . Make the experience as simple as possible and that you can get your credit almost instantly. That is what they seek.

This combination, a solid company that bets on the best offer for the customer, is synonymous with reliability. Despite the fact that it is a highly competitive sector, we can find many variables in which Kredito24 has advantages over its competitors.

In the end, when we resort to a microcredit, we do so because any unforeseen event has arisen. A setback we did not expect. What we are looking for is a simple service, and this is true that many companies offer it, the differential value is in the strength of who offers it to us. Kredito24 is a solid and experienced company .

In short, we believe that in general, you can trust this company . In addition, as you will read later, this idea of ​​efficiency and reliability is supported by the opinion of many of its customers.

The Kredito24 mini-loan

Now that we have seen that the entity is reliable, let's take a look at the characteristics of the microcredit. You will surely fall in love with everything they have to offer you!

  • Mini-loans between € 50 and € 750: With Kredito24, whether you are a new customer or not, you can request up to 750 euros. This differs from some companies that offer free credits to new customers, but normally for € 300.
  • Return period of up to 30 days: In line with the sector, Kredito24 offers you a flexible term ranging from 7 to 30 days. You can choose what suits you best according to your needs. You may be interested in returning the money in 10 days or rushing up to 30.
  • APR or interest rate: It will depend on the repayment term you set. In Kredito24, you will find interest rates in line with the market. This is the aspect that concerns us most about a microcredit. Their very nature makes them have higher interest rates than other credits.
  • Possibility of free advance payment: Kredito24 offers you the possibility of repaying the amount you owe them in advance. This is not an option available in all companies in the sector. It may be interesting if you have the money before the expiration date.
  • Single payment: When it comes to microcredits whose repayment is usually less than 30 days, a single payment is made. Therefore, like most companies in the sector, Kredito24 does not allow you to divide the amount you owe.
  • Possibility of extension: This possibility is also one of the most interesting if you are considering requesting a microcredit to solve that last minute problem. In case the expiration date arrives and you cannot pay, you can extend the term.
  • Available every day at all hours: You can use the Kredito24 service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You will be able to consult or request your mini-loans without the need for us to be during working hours. Always available so you don't have to wait.
  • Instant data verification: As we will explain later, when it comes to verifying your data, Kredito24 has developed a tool called Kontomatik . With it, the process to confirm your data will be instantaneous through online banking. You will not have to send anything.

Requirements to request it and other conditions

Of course, to apply for the microloan, it will be essential that you meet certain requirements. The requirements to qualify for this mini-loan are the following:

  • Be of legal age: As in any mini-credit company, you will be required to be over 18 years of age to apply for your loan. It is an obvious but indispensable requirement. Obviously, it is a product for adults.
  • Having residence in Spain: Again, it is something totally common within the requirements when applying for a loan. You must reside in Spain, so that Kredito24 can grant you your microcredit.
  • Have a DNI or NIE: If you want to apply for a microcredit with Kredito24, you must have a National Identity Document or, where appropriate, a Foreigner Identification Number.
  • Have a bank account: It is an essential requirement to have a bank account that appears in your name. This account will be the one to which the credit is entered once it is granted. Also, Kredito24 can use it to identify you.
  • Have email: It is important that you have an email account since it will be used for you to send and send you information about your credits as well as documentation that may be required in some cases.
  • Have a mobile phone number: You have to provide a mobile phone number, as this will allow them to contact you directly if necessary. For example, to confirm that your credit has been approved.
  • It is not necessary to have a payroll: With Kredito24, whether you are retired, unemployed or student, you can access credit even though you do not have a payroll. Although it is important to show that you have some type of income in your bank account on a regular basis.
  • It is not necessary to provide a guarantee: In order for your application to be accepted in Kredito24, it will not be essential to have a guarantee.
  • What if I am in Financial Credit Institutions? When it comes to talking about requirements when applying for a loan or a microcredit, one of the issues to take into account is the company's policy on clients listed in Asnef or similar. In Kredito24, unlike other companies, an application is not ruled out because you figure in Asnef (link to internal landing of loans with ASNEF) . Although, logically, it is a fact that is taken into account (and it is not something positive). But hey, it does not rule you out automatically, as it happens in other companies in the sector.
  • Available for both individuals and the self-employed: In many cases, we find that credit companies only offer personal loans, leaving aside the self-employed. Kredito24, no. If you are self-employed, microcredit is also for you.

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Once you are clear about the requirements to have this mini-loan, let's take a look at the procedure by which you can get it. You will see that it is a very simple procedure:

  1. Application: As always, whatever company you choose, the first thing you should do is access their website and start the application. Here, the most important thing you will do, and what you should focus on the most is to correctly choose the amount and the term you want.

Also, you will be required to fill in some personal information. All of a standard nature: Name, surname, ID, bank account, source of income ... etc. The usual in any application process.

  1. Reply Kredito24: Once you submit the application, the Kredito24 system will automatically evaluate whether or not you are eligible to receive the credit. Obviously, it is possible that, in case you do not meet the requirements, the answer will be negative. Although normally this will not happen.
  2. Online identification: Kredito24 works with online tools that allow you to be identified instantly and without many complications through your online banking. This process helps them to verify your data and give the green light to the credit. This particular tool is called Kontomatik:
  3. Confirmation and transfer: Once your data has been verified almost instantly by Kredito24 through Kontomatik, it only remains to confirm the credit and have the transfer made to your account.

It should be said that it is a very fast and simple process. In about 10-15 minutes you can finish it and receive the money in your account ready to give you a hand in whatever you need.

In Kredito24 they understand that their function is to help you when you do not get to buy that TV on sale or when your car has broken down and you have not yet charged. They know you don't want to waste time, that's why they have such a simple and comfortable process for you.

Opinions of the clients of your microloans

The best thing to do, go to ask for a loan or buy a washing machine, is to find out what those who did it before you think. So you can see what are the advantages and disadvantages of the service or product that you are going to buy or hire. Let's see what Kredito24 customers think .

If we take a look at the opinions of the company's users, we see that, in general, they are quite positive. We found many favorable opinions regarding the fact that you can request an amount of up to € 750 even if you are a new customer.

On the other hand, the simplicity and speed of the process is also highly valued. This is exactly what users who apply for microcredits are looking for. Quick solutions for small problems that have arisen unexpectedly. To this, Kredito24 seems to respond very effectively.

As mentioned before, the company uses an online tool for data verification that allows the process to be carried out almost instantly. This means that people have their credit in a seen and not seen. Hence the positive reviews.

However, and as you can imagine, not everything will be good opinions. There are also clients who are not so satisfied with the service offered by Kredito24. Although some criticisms are more directed at the conditions common to the entire sector, it is true that there are some specific to the company that we can highlight.

Some clients show their disagreement with the requirement that they provide information on bank movements. This is done with the intention of verifying that the customer can repay the credit. It is logical, even if they do not request a payroll or endorsement, you must show that you can pay what you request.

In many cases, there is a tendency to think that the fact that we request a microcredit with hardly any requirements and paperwork… exempts us from paying what we owe! Obviously NO. Any company will claim the amount owed if you do not pay when due. This is something logical and that you should take into account.

Finally, we see some claims. Unhappy customers because the company claims the amount after the due date. It is something that will happen with any company from which you apply for a loan. That is why it is important to act with responsibility and common sense.

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As you can see, Kredito24 is one of the best companies in the microloan market. Naturally, you can compare their conditions with other companies, but there are very few that offer such favorable conditions. So ... what are you waiting for to get your credit fast and without collateral?