Holadinero: Mini loans with ASNEF of up to € 500 free!

By | June 5, 2018

Are you looking for a good mini loan company to deal with some unforeseen expense? Well, you have to know Hello Money . It is one of the best companies in the sector, with characteristics that very few other companies can offer. You want to know more? Well, keep reading!

Who is behind this entity? Is Hello Money legit?

Hola Dinero is a fairly new non-bank financial institution that has been in the market for a short time. However, despite this, he is doing things very well, and that is something that we must always value.

But ... Who is behind HolaDinero? Well, unlike other companies of this type, which actually belong to large international holding companies, the truth is that Hola Dinero is a small company based in the center of Madrid.

That is, when you take a loan with them, you are taking a loan with a Spanish company, which is good in itself, but it is also good in the sense of being able to go and claim in a closer way and with greater knowledge. of the laws that govern us.

But you will only have to do it in the worst case scenario, and, for our part, we have not found any information that makes us think that this is something common. In fact, the reviews of Hola Dinero are very good.

And, of course, we are talking about a company that duly complies with the legislation and that is 100% regulated and supervised by the regulatory bodies of Spain and the European Union, so you do not have to fear anything.

It is neither a fraud nor a scam, you can be sure.

The Hello Money mini-loan

Now that the reliability of this entity is clear, let's take a look at the features of the mini-loan. You will see for yourself that they are very good!

  • Up to € 500 if you are a new customer: If it is your first loan with Hola Dinero, you can request up to € 500 in amount. This figure is almost double what other companies in the sector will offer you when it comes to your first loan.
  • If you have already been a customer, you can request up to € 1000: If it turns out that you have already requested and reimbursed your first loan in Hola Dinero, you can increase your available amount. On this occasion, you will have the possibility to request up to a maximum of € 1000.
  • Returns from 60 to 90 days: One of the great attractions of the mini-credit that this company offers us is that you can return what you request in very comfortable and long terms. With Hola Dinero, you can return what you ask for between 60 and 90 days. Which is a much larger than the industry average, which is 30 days.
  • Very competitive interest: Another advantage of this microloan is what it costs us. Without a doubt, this is one of the aspects that you should pay attention to the most when you are going to apply for a loan. Hola Dinero offers you relatively low interest rates in reference to the market.
  • In the event that you do not return on time, you will be charged penalties: When you request a loan, you must act responsibly. That is, request those that you are capable of assuming. In the event that you are unable to pay what you owe and do not use an extension, you will be charged penalties.
  • There is a possibility of extension: From the hand of the previous point, it should be said that if you see that the expiration date is approaching and you do not have the money, you should request an extension.

Requirements to request it and other conditions

As is common in financial companies, to apply for the mini-loan, it is essential that you meet some requirements. These are the requirements that you must meet:

  • Be over 18 years old: To be able to apply for a loan in Hola DInero, you must be at least 18 years old. You can find companies that have minimums of up to 25 years.
  • Have a DNI or NIE: Of course, you must have a National Identity Document (DNI) or, where appropriate, a Foreigner Identification Number (NIE). They will require it in the application process.
  • Residing in Spain: If you are not a resident of Spain, you will not be able to access the Hola Dinero loan. This is not a specific company requirement. It is a rule that all credit companies operating here must follow.
  • Have sufficient periodic income: Although it is not necessary that you contribute your payroll, you will have to demonstrate that you have the economic capacity to repay the credit. Either for a pension, unemployment or any other subsidy. This pursues the objective that you do not go into debt beyond your means.
  • Have a bank account in your name: As you may have imagined, you will have to provide an account number so that they can make the deposit. It is important that it appears in your name, since the credit is personal.
  • Have a phone number: For any registration or application process, as for almost everything in life, you will have to provide your phone number. In this way they will be able to notify you if your credit has been approved or not, they will usually send you an SMS.
  • Being in ASNEF does not prevent you from receiving a loan in Hello Money: Unlike most companies in the microcredit sector, the fact of being in a defaulter registry does not prevent you from being eligible for credit. Of course, as long as the debt is not with a bank or other financial institution.

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Now that you are clear about the minimum requirements to qualify for the mini-loan, let's take a look at the procedure by which you can get it. As you can see, it is a process without any complications:

  1. Request: First, you will have to go to the Hola Dinero website. There you select the amount and the term that best suits what you are looking for. Always taking into account the limitations depending on whether you are a new customer or not.
  2. Form: After this, you will have to fill out a form that contains personal information. This information includes your name, date of birth, bank account number, email, telephone number ... Nothing new for a service of this type
  3. Identification: After making your request, the Hola Dinero team will proceed to identify you. This process will not take long. In many cases they will ask you to send some necessary documentation to identify yourself.
  4. Confirmation. After identifying you, they will notify you, usually via SMS, if the microloan has been effectively approved. If there is a green light, the process only waits for the last step.
  5. Shipping: This last point is the one that will interest you the most, the money. They will make the transfer and in a few minutes you will have the money in your account. It should be noted that waiting times, in many cases, depend on the bank where you have the account. Although, in general, it is a quick process with little friction.

Opinions of the clients of your microloans

HolaDinero is, most likely, the mini-credit with the best opinions on the entire network . And we are not surprised in the least, given the characteristics and conditions that they offer us and that we have been able to see throughout this analysis.

The positive opinion that is repeated the most, of course, is the fact of being able to opt for a first loan of € 500 over 61 days completely free of charge and without any commission or interest.

And this is very remarkable for two reasons: First, this is a claim that many companies in the sector use, but most do it with € 300, not € 500. Second, because most do it at 30 days maximum, and Hola Dinero does it at 61 days.

Of course, another very positive opinion is that it is not necessary to have a payroll or endorsement (only demonstrable income), as well as the fact that you are granted the loan, even if you are in ASNEF, which not all microcredit companies do.

And all this without a particularly high APR, because it ranges between 1333 and 1698%, which is high in general terms, but well below other alternatives in the microcredit sector.

And finally, another positive opinion is the one that refers to the fact that we can enjoy up to € 1000 from the second loan , when most companies in the industry do not offer more than € 500.

So, you see, we have a huge number of positives and practically none of the negatives. That is why we consider HolaDinero.es to be one of the best microcredit companies in the market.

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As you can see, Hola Dinero is one of the best companies currently in the microcredit market. If you were in need of money because you had something unforeseen, we have it clear: Hello Money is your best solution.