🏅 The best online credit cards - Updated list 2019!

If you are thinking of getting a credit card , you should know that the internet, today, offers many opportunities. Today, we tell you everything you need to know about credit cards online (and, of course, offline too). Keep reading!

Are credit cards to get free money?

Certainly, a credit card is a fast, easy, and secure way to get money right away . However, you must ensure that the credit card you request has advantageous conditions for you and that the return of the credit does not involve associated expenses.

Also, you have to bear in mind that the granting of a credit card is not automatic, since the issuing entity has to make sure that you will have sufficient financial solvency to return the money within the established period.

So the answer to the question of whether you can get free money through a credit card is a yes but with nuances : the first is that it allows you to face the credit without associated extra expenses (then it would no longer be free) and the second that you spend an examination of risks by the entity.

What does this risk assessment consist of? Basically, the bank will verify that you can deal with the credit and return it without any problem in the established time. To verify this, they will analyze data such as your payroll and income, existence or not of previous debts, financial profile ...

Although we anticipate that all entities will take this exam, you must also bear in mind that the requirements to pass it can vary greatly from one entity to another. And even within the same entity, from one type of card to another.

Therefore, always choose a card according to your possibilities, your lifestyle and financial profile . If you only want a credit card to cover a few small expenses each month, you won't need a very high limit. In addition, the bank will only grant you that card that you can take on.

And always keep this premise in mind: the less it takes to return the credit, the better . Why? For a simple reason: the return of the money in the same month or in a short period of time (established by the entity itself) guarantees that you will be able to pay off your debt without interest .

Therefore, it will be for you to assume a slightly higher debt each month but to pay it off in less time and not pay anything more, than to pay a smaller amount each time, to which you will add the interest payment. Depending on your expenses and income, you must decide what is best for you.

In what ways can I pay back my credit card debt?

As we have already told you, there is more than one way to return the credit on your card. Study your options and your circumstances well before deciding on one or the other, since it will not always suit you. Therefore, make sure you can change the payment method if you need to.

But if you want not to pay more to get money in advance from your credit card and that the transaction is free, the best thing without a doubt is that you choose the monthly payment among all your options. What does this mean? It means that all your debt will be paid at once in the following month .

In other words, all the purchases you make in February will be added to your credit card account and must be paid at the beginning of March, normally between the 1st and 5th of the month. As long as you do not exceed the limit of your credit card, there will be no problem.

Of course, the most ideal thing is to keep a good control of expenses throughout the month, since it cannot give the impression that we are spending very little when making small payments. But many grains of sand make a mountain, and we could find ourselves facing a great debt the following month.

The biggest and main advantage of choosing the monthly payment for your credit card debt is that in the vast majority of cases, it will not entail associated expenses or interest payments , since said debt will be paid off very soon. Check with your bank or entity that this is always the case.

There is another way to repay the debt, and it is through deferred payment . What does it mean? That you agree with your bank the term in which you want to return it, or else you establish a fixed fee or a percentage of your debt to be repaying it month by month, until it is paid in full.

This option, which a priori may be more advantageous because it would allow you to live more comfortably from month to month, is more likely to carry associated interests with it . However, it will depend on the conditions of your card and the term you choose.

If you establish higher installments of the debt to pay them back in fewer months, or if you choose a shorter term from the beginning, it is most likely that you will not have to face the payment of interest or that these will be much lower. As we said before, the less time, the better.

Are there differences between credit and debit cards?

Yes, there are several differences between credit and debit cards. Although surprisingly, many people still cannot say which or do not know the fundamental characteristics of each type of card.

The main difference between one and the other is that with debit cards you can only have the money you have in your bank account at the time of purchase. Obviously, each card has its own conditions and nuances, as we will see below.

In some entities, if you run out of funds on your debit card, you can remain uncovered for a period in which you can continue to use it. Of course, in the red. Therefore, the safest thing is that you will be charged default interest .

For this reason, although the debit card allows you greater control of expenses, it is not the best option to pay anything in advance , since the commissions for exposing your account plus interest will greatly increase your debt.

What does this mean? If you have € 1000 in your account and you want to pay € 1500 for a new computer equipment, at that time you will not be able to buy it. And if you do, keep in mind that leaving your account overdrawn for that amount will not be profitable, due to the associated interest.

On the other hand, if you had a credit card , you could buy that same computer equipment and at that price, to repay the debt in comfortable installments or pay that € 1500 at once at the beginning of next month, without interest (or very reduced) when you have already entered the payroll and have more liquidity.

Obviously, and as we already argued in previous paragraphs, you must respect the credit limits of the card, which will already be established as standard or regulated according to your economic and financial conditions.

And between wallet cards and credit cards?

Do you remember when years ago we recharged the balance of our mobile phone? We made calls, sent SMS, and when it ran out we recharged more money if we wanted. Sometimes we could go a long time without recharging the balance, depending on our circumstances.

Well, it is the same with purse cards, we can only use them if we have previously loaded money on them . With this card there are no "extras" that are worth: we can never spend more money than we have recharged on them. No overdrafts or postponements.

As they are not linked to our bank account, wallet cards are a very safe option for making purchases online . In fact, their great popularity is due to the fact that many people use them exclusively for this.

Since, in the worst case, if they steal our wallet card or its passwords, they will only be able to spend until they consume the money that we have preloaded in them, without compromising the security of our bank accounts. At most, we will have lost the money that was in them.

For this reason, many people choose to request a wallet card and load it with small amounts, depending on their purchasing needs. Thus, they ensure greater peace of mind and control of your money and your online expenses.

Is it possible to get a credit card without changing banks?

This is a question that many people ask themselves. In fact, not so long ago it was not possible as banks sold their own financial products only to their clients . This caused a situation that we are going to explain below.

Let's say that you are a client of entity "A", but one day you receive advertising or simply a family member or friend recommends the conditions of the credit card of entity "B". As these conditions seem favorable to you, you go to entity "B" for information.

The first thing they were going to ask you is if you are their client, when you tell them no, they would answer that that credit card and all the benefits associated with it are designed to be enjoyed by their own clients, and if you are not They cannot offer it to you.

So, in this case, you have two different options: either you resign and go back to your bank to see what card they can offer you (although their requirements and conditions interest you less than those of entity “B”) or you start all the pertinent management to change banks .

The latter is an uncomfortable, inconvenient and unfair option , but unfortunately it was what you had to do a few years ago in case you were very interested in obtaining that credit card: opening a new bank account and, of course, bearing the expenses that this entailed.

You already know that in many cases there are a multitude of commissions such as, for example, opening, maintenance, overdraft, and even closing. It seems likely that this was precisely the real business of the entities that offered very advantageous credit cards.

Fortunately, times have changed. Today you do not have to limit yourself to the tyrannical conditions of any bank. Competition and the development of financial markets have allowed an evolution that until recently seemed unthinkable.

In the middle of 2019, you can enjoy credit cards granted by entities with which you have not contracted any other product. How is it possible? Very simple: these credit cards are linked to the bank account of your choice.

And this bank account, of course, can belong to any bank of which you are a customer. So easy and so fast. Isn't it cool? Now there is total freedom in this regard and you have the upper hand. If the credit cards offered by your entity do not interest you, you can request information elsewhere and start the application process .

Neither your lifelong bank nor the other bank are going to make any inconvenience: your decision is yours alone, even if both try to convince you to contract this financial product with them. It is up to you to make the choice that convinces you the most .

However, we do recommend that you inform yourself well , because not all banks offer this type of card without changing banks. Do a quick search on the internet and check which are the cards that you can link to the bank account of another entity .

By this we mean that, if anywhere they impose on you that you must be a customer to be able to request their cards, you should know that you have many more options that do not require this requirement. On the contrary, you will find many other alternatives that also make it very easy for you.

In what sense? Well, these requirements are usually very simple to fulfill , in addition, this type of cards that we are talking about are usually free and easily approved : the whole process is carried out online and, above all, agile and comfortable for you.

So, if you had doubts in this regard, say goodbye to them definitely because there is the possibility that we have commented to you. Choose freely with whom you want to contract each thing and do not allow them to tie you with anything that does not interest you or even that may cause you harm.

Your financial affairs are important, you must pay attention to the conditions, it is essential to avoid unwanted charges or unpleasant surprises . Remember that you are solely responsible and when you give your consent in writing or verbally, you must first have read all the fine print in detail. Don't let a single point slip away!

With all the options that are available today, you shouldn't settle for just anything. Your savings, your expenses and your financial situation deserve that you dedicate a little time to make the decision that is most beneficial for you.

Are there free credit cards?

There are still many free things in life, impossible as it may seem. And we are not talking about friendship, love or the air we breathe, all that is priceless at the moment, but also nothing to do with money. We refer to credit cards.

Of course not all of them are. Depending on the entity, they may or may not have associated costs . Previously, it was common for all of them to carry charges for opening, maintenance, overdraft, also closing and annual fee.

In the end, all the advantages that this type of cards may have are diluted by the amounts generated by the expenses that we have just mentioned. Where is the benefit to the cardholder, then? Unfortunately it is possible that the benefit does not fall exactly on him.

Therefore, the most convenient thing for you is to choose a free credit card . In this way, you will never have to worry about opening fees or monthly fees again . Peace of mind, it is true that they do exist. And you have a good repertoire to choose from.

Still, be careful! Before buying any credit card in a hurry, make sure it is really free and does not carry conditions and hidden charges that you did not read in time. And of course, when in doubt, openly ask the issuing entity.

You should know that many entities offer cards with free fees only the first year . After time (exactly twelve months later), a charge will arrive on your statement that can range from a few euros to a much more considerable amount.

We insist once again that you do not forget to check the fine print very well, as this is a very common practice among banks. It's not just about the upset at discovering a new charge by surprise. Let us also count on the discontent at having to pay for having our own money.

Another point to keep in mind, and one that many people overlook, is that many of these supposedly free cards require the customer to make a minimum annual consumption . Otherwise, you will be charged commissions for its use. Again, be very careful, it is not something so easy to avoid if you do not keep an exhaustive control of your expenses.

Therefore, finding a card without fees or hidden fees or interests should be our maxim, without underestimating all the added benefits that a credit card includes. Not because they are free does not mean that they bring fewer advantages .

Although it is not such a common option, pay attention to other extras (totally unnecessary, by the way) on your credit card. If you request a custom design or stamp, that will affect your commissions. Focus on its most practical advantages . You want a free credit card, not a fancy one.

Let's not forget the need to make free duplicates of our credit cards either. We will surely want to distribute a card linked to the same account to several members of the family. Thus, we protect them against any emergency and situation .

It can also be the case that our credit card is accidentally lost, damaged or stolen. Now imagine the financial outlay that we would have to make to replace one or more cards, in which case they charged us for a replacement or duplicate.

So let's not be fooled by the naked eye by a mere opening fee or free maintenance fee. They could be referring only to the main card, and not to the secondary ones, regardless of the time of acquisition or the reason for which we request it.

Be very careful also with our trips abroad . Certainly, it is a much less common situation and one that we do not usually think about when applying for a credit card. However, it is no less important, since its use outside the country could carry large commissions.

Don't just look at it being accepted worldwide. Also make sure that both cash withdrawals at ATMs and payment in establishments are totally free of costs and separate commissions . Or in the end, that visit to the souvenir shop will be very expensive.

No opening or maintenance fees, no minimum annual consumption or commissions for duplicates or for their use abroad. Today it is possible to find very good free credit cards. What seemed like a utopia a few years ago is now the order of the day.

Can I get a credit card with ASNEF?

Surely having a credit card as soon as possible is an issue that matters to you, since it is a very useful tool for possible unforeseen events, emergency expenses or a security plus in our trips abroad.

A priori, the answer is no. Getting a conventional credit card while in the ASNEF file is practically an impossible mission . To do this, the first thing you would have to do would be to settle your debt or leave Financial Credit Institutions without paying, although we recommend the first.

That said, in addition to not being on that list, you must observe that you meet a series of requirements . These are usually general for any bank or entity, although there will always be where you have to meet some extra criteria.

In addition to not appearing on any list of defaulters, the standard requirements are to be of legal age and have a payroll or pension . You could start the paperwork, but the bank will always check these three points, so they would automatically deny you the card.

Let's not forget that after all, banks are private entities that would grant you money on credit. That is, they lend it to you for a more or less short period of time, to require it weeks, months or years later, usually with interest .

Therefore, they need a certain guarantee or guarantee. Something that assures them that that money will be returned. Of course they will verify that you have a recurring source of income , but without a doubt, in 100% of the cases they will consult the list of Financial Credit Institutions.

Do you still want to try? First of all, we warn you that it will not be easy. Therefore, go with a very psyched head that the resolution will ultimately be negative. However, there are some guidelines to follow in case you are still confident in your options.

Always, above all, sincerity. Remember that the bank will investigate and discover it anyway, so it is not necessary to pretend. State your case with total clarity , as well as the causes that made you be in that situation.

It also communicates the status of your debt , if it is appealed, the amount pending settlement and everything necessary to clarify your situation and, above all, its immediate future. Your current payroll also comes into play, with which they will foresee if you can face your short-term debt.

Although it is taken for granted, as in any situation in life, a cordial attitude on your part will be essential at all times. It is normal to feel tension, but remember: the bank employees are not there to judge you, and even less if you are collaborative.

Have you already tried it and it hasn't worked? There is still an excellent alternative. In fact, we recommend that, if you are in ASNEF, this is your first option . Today, there are fast online credit cards . They are ordered online in minutes. In addition, you will find a wide variety of online platforms to choose from.

As soon as you register, read the requirements carefully and fill out the application form in detail. If your application is approved, you will receive a favorable response very soon and the card will be automatically sent to your home or wherever you prefer.

As you can see, it is a simple and safe procedure . It is a credit card as such in physical format, and the advantage of having money in advance is the same. Of course, be consistent with your income and the rest of your expenses for the following month, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Although it is undoubtedly something to consider as a temporary solution to the lack of liquidity, do not forget to update your situation in Financial Credit Institutions. Once you leave the list, you can request a new credit card without complications and with guarantees.

While it is true that technology and the digital world make it increasingly easy for us to obtain immediate money , you will agree with us that few things are worth as much as the peace of mind of knowing that you are free of debt and, therefore, of worries.

What are the other advantages of easily approved credit cards?

We have already seen that this type of credit card can be requested without having to change bank, because you can link it to your bank account , whether it belongs to the entity that it belongs to. We have also verified that it is not necessary to pay with a credit card.

No opening costs or commissions of any kind, not even quarterly or annual fees or possible duplicates of cards that you may need for any reason. Do not pay for something that is already offered by many companies for free . There is no point in being charged for handling your money! Free yourself from unnecessary expenses and you will see how it affects your savings.

In addition, you have been able to read with your own eyes that this type of cards are even granted to people who are registered in Financial Credit Institutions . We have demolished the myth that it is impossible to be granted any type of credit if you find yourself on that delinquency list.

As you already know, there are entities for which ASNEF is no impediment since they are based on other parameters that have nothing to do with the inclusion (sometimes doubtfully legal) of the applicants in these files shared by some credit institutions.

Okay, so what other advantages do easy-approval credit cards have? We have just mentioned above that these are blazingly fast application and approval processes. In most cases, gathering the necessary documentation will not take you any time.

Why? Simply because we are not talking about complicated paperwork and requirements . You will hardly need your Spanish identity document (whether you are Spanish or foreigner, DNI or NIE ) that proves that you reside legally in this country.

It is possible that in some cases they will also request a document that proves the ownership of the bank account to which you are going to link the credit card. On some occasions, especially if you are in ASNEF, it is likely that they will ask you for proof of constant income , such as your payroll.

Don't have a payroll? The pension is also valid, and, depending on the entity, even the economic benefit of unemployment or any way you have to demonstrate certain economic solvency . If you are not in Financial Credit Institutions, then it is quite possible that they directly do not ask you for any of this.

So relax, with just one or two documents that you can take a photo of, you have already gathered the necessary files that you have to send to apply for your credit card. Of course, it must be a completely sharp photo or scan. Avoid reflections by not using flash and be careful enough not to over-crop any of the four edges.

The next step is to fill in the very simple form and attach the files. All information will be received by the risk department of the grantor immediately. You will receive a confirmation email or an SMS to the mobile phone that you have provided. Stay tuned!

In this first communication they will tell you that they have received the documentation correctly and that they will evaluate it. It will only take a few minutes for you to have your answer. If it is not affirmative, it is probably because some document is not correct or because they need to request something else. The approval rate is soaring , so you don't have to worry.

Best of all, it only takes you nothing in this entire process, since the easily approved cards are very accessible to almost all types of audiences. And speaking of this, it is obvious that you must also be of legal age to request one.

One of the advantages that we like the most about this type of card is that you don't have to go anywhere to request it, and you don't have to go anywhere to get it. No waiting and no travel . We are fortunately living in the 21st century and this is reflected in immediacy in every way.

Immediacy of response, but also of request. From your home, your workplace or, actually, from any place from which you can connect to the internet with any type of device: a computer, a tablet, a smartphone ... you choose.

Easy, fast, comfortable, convenient and free . Can you ask for more? Welcome to the future of credit cards. It is very possible that from now on you do not want to resign yourself to keeping the credit card that your usual bank gave you. Explore the dozens of better options!

What to look for to get the best credit cards?

Have you already made the decision that you want to be a beneficiary of all the advantages that we have just explained to you? Well, this is the first step, generally the one that is most difficult to take, since it means a change and not everyone is a friend of the news (although these represent an improvement).

If you have an open mind and have seen that you are wasting money and time applying for credit cards that ultimately do not grant you any real benefits, then congratulations: you are ready to explain how you can get the best credit cards .

For starters, easily approved credit cards are almost always applied for online . Why? Well, its very definition as "easy" implies that you don't have to bother to go in person to any entity or branch.

The term "easy" means that you can carry out the entire process from the place you prefer, from the application to the receipt of the card. For the first, you only need an internet connection, as we have already mentioned; for the latter, a postal address that you prefer where in a very short time after approval you will receive the card in its sealed envelope.

From there, you only need to activate it by following the simple instructions that the entity will provide you in advance. All this should be a quick and easy process, so avoid anyone who does not guarantee the simplicity of the procedure , which should be the same as we have indicated. If it involves more steps or more effort on your part, then discard that option.

Quick and easy approval cards will not require complicated paperwork and will not give you a long waiting period to evaluate your application. Before starting it, you have to look at what requirements they ask for, if they make it difficult for you, give up the application.

In the same way, if they don't give you an answer on the same day, don't continue with the procedure: it's not worth it. If you are requesting one of these cards it is because you need money urgently, so you are looking for someone who can guarantee speed and security in the process .

You most likely don't want to sit around and wait while they delay and make you despair even more, adding another problem that you don't need to have. So don't waste your time with that kind of proposal, it's definitely not worth it at all.

Free means no cost . Be careful with this because sometimes, only the card itself is free, but it has hidden costs of some kind. Do your research before making a decision , as it is entirely feasible to find completely free credit cards.

Advertising is often misleading. They promise one thing and then it really is another. How to avoid it? Very simple: you have to read the conditions carefully before accepting. They are obliged to detail all the characteristics, clauses and impositions in writing .

If you are not in the habit of reading everything until you understand what you are accepting and affirming, you have to change this bad habit immediately. As adults and responsible people we have no choice but to become aware of the importance of our own financial efforts.

Being confident is a quality that can bring you many satisfactions in life, but when we talk about money, more than a virtue it can become a defect. Review all the conditions over and over again and if you still have doubts, do you know what to do?

Call on the phone and ask to speak to a specialized agent , who has the capacity to resolve all the questions and concerns that you still have on your mind. This way you will make sure that you have understood everything well and you will be much calmer .

As you can see, credit cards are a great way to advance payments and access consumer goods in a simple way. So… what are you waiting for to get yours? These tips will help you find the best one!