Credit scams: do you want it here

Today, to apply for a credit, it is not always necessary to go through a bank or a credit institution. Loans between individuals are developing and can find ways of financing through less traditional ways as the loan Union.

This has not always been the case: in fact, before the appearance of secure platforms like Good Finance, the loan between individuals was often proposed by crooks.

How to identify these scammers? What are their techniques for operating their scams?

You are spotted!


While the Internet has helped to promote many exchanges, it has also helped to help “free” scams. It is indeed much easier for our scammers to “find” people to scam: just schedule automatic alerts (for example on google: every time certain keywords are written on a web page, you receive ‘url of the said page) or to follow closely the exchanges of Internet users on various forums.

From the moment he found his target, the scammer uses all subterfuges to better lull the vigilance of his interlocutor.

Often, he takes advantage of the desperate situation in which his future victim is to not be burdened with a correct spelling (his is often “CP level”) or grotesque lies and anxiety.

The ultimate evolution of the hustler


And now that serious lending platforms between individuals are emerging, these scammers are trying to scramble the cards. Examples:

1) On the loan blog Union (Harry Bailly) or on the Facebook page of the brand, messages are left in the comments after an article. In order to protect Internet users against these scams, Union Loan removes these comments and prevents their publication.

2) On Facebook, “Daniel Barrond” even tries to pretend to be a Union Loan employee in order to scam people according to the “Union loan” mark on the site. A good example of an attempt to impersonate!

He pushes the chalice to appropriate the photos of the team on his own profile!

How to finish with these crooks?


To avoid falling through the cracks of a scammer, there are still ways to protect yourself:

1) Choose a referenced organization, such as Union Loan

Each accredited body is referenced on the financial officer register

2) Pay attention to the legal notices

The legal notices are obligatory. They usually appear at the bottom of the websites. Banking professionals are required to provide the public with a specific set of information. In addition to the registration number at ORIAS, mentioned, other elements of identity are present in this section. Its absence must therefore alert you, as well as its whimsical or incomplete nature.

3) Never pay money until you get the credit

If you are asked to advance fees even before obtaining the credit, it is (very) bad sign. French law prohibits a professional from being remunerated before the actual payment of funds, because “no payment of any kind whatsoever, can be required of an individual, before obtaining one or more loans. ‘money’ (Article L. 321-2 of the Consumer Code).