Loans between individuals and their regulation

Currently, financing requirements have promoted the introduction of collective financing systems, P2P loans, crowdlending along with other jargon. All this collective motion starts from the same bottom, loans between individuals.

We know that there is presently a banking regulation when the emergence of new alternate financing flows my issue is: Are loans controlled between individuals?

Are loans regulated in between individuals?: The current regulation from the Bank


Financial thunder or wind storms experienced in previous many years have brought to light the particular weaknesses in the financial marketplace.

The bailouts made by the Good Finance Financial institution to Spanish banks as well as the continuing scandals such as home loan suppresses, preferred shares, and so forth, have caused users in order to wonder who controls all of this?

The amounts presented by the entities, will not guarantee that our savings have been in danger. They are publicly traded businesses, their shares may drop to the point that their worth jeopardizes our savings.

As an example of this weeknesses is Honest Bank, in whose decrease in the value of its gives caused a new financial bailout by the Portuguese government that will shook European markets.

In Spain, the Good Fund Bank, the CNMV as well as the rating agencies fly within the banking market regulating plus monitoring all their movements (in theory).

Yet we are a new wave, a brand new air, a new generation ready that passes from banking institutions, bankers and their toons.

As females say we give delivery and we decide. It’s alright to be conditioned on what regarding our money. It’s alright that we have to go through ten banking institutions to give us 1 . 3% for our deposits.

There is a new way to profit from my money between personal loans and I connect to the web, I go to a website of these in which I lend our pasta to someone plus come to earn money.

Very good friend this is the chachi part of the post, you are going to turn into a money lender to people and you will wonder, is there any kind of regulation for this type of financial loans?

Loans in between Individuals: Register without Normal

Loans between Individuals: Register without Regular

When we talk about signing up or regulating loans among individuals, in reality, what is the goal of having such control over this kind of action?

The particular registry should aim to possess the record of who the actual loan and its regulation would certainly consist of the control of the performance.

At the moment, any company that is dedicated to P2P lending, that is, contacting people to lend money, must not have more registration, than basic financial intermediation. In Strange Sisters, as a platform regarding loans between individuals with home loan guarantees, in 2011 we had to join up our activity with the Ministry of Consumption and agreement civil liability insurance.

Another case will be if these companies capture debris, in which the business and rules show their most challenging samples because they already turn out to be part of a financial entity. Presently, P2P loans companies among individuals collect the money and lend it to the customers they request.

Financial intermediaries and expert investors who are treated since private equity lenders, if they have to become registered with the Ministry associated with Health and Consumer Affairs plus conform to a financial intermediation legislation 2/2009 that regulates personal lenders and credit intermediaries.

Internet plus Loans between Individuals


When the Internet appeared, lots of people did not imagine the great capability of human beings to connect outside their natural environment.

Today it is connected by the Internet, food is purchased online, trips are purchased, rooms are rented, the hotel is obtained on the best price, cars are usually rented and endless options all over the Internet.

Whenever we put ourselves at the amount of P2P loans (private in order to private) several questions will certainly arise:

Exactly what regulation or registration ought to exist for me to lend cash to a man 500km aside € 50 along with twenty people?

Whom really benefits? The lender or maybe the recipient?

Think about the case: Perfect scam

We set up the P2P platform regulated with the Good Finance Bank, authorized with the CNMV and with the succulent civil liability insurance plan of € 300, 1000. All legal and lovely with a great platform on the web, with the latest technology access through mobile, tablet, ipad plus everything that is worth its sodium.

We offer one of the most attractive interests for traders, at 16% average come back, a succulent call for our own fish. We carry out an excellent marketing campaign in payments, and lastly we have about 2000 customers willing to lend an average of € 1, 000 maximum in many operations.