The children and the money

Teaching children how to handle money is not the school’s responsibility, but ours. It’s part of being parents. It is good to teach them that it is not possible to get rich suddenly, we must use part of our money for investment and savings. However small, it will be important and representative in the future so that we can distribute them among our assumed obligations, which may include both spending and saving and investment.. Saving will allow us to build a capital that can be used to achieve some objective already proposed and that money is a consequence of work. It is important to teach them that we must work to earn our bread and make savings that will enable us to buy everything we want.

Many parents usually give money to their children.

Many parents usually give money to their children.

I recommend that you pay them commissions. Paying commissions sends the following message: “If you work, you will receive; otherwise no. ”That’s it. I don’t think it’s bad to teach children as soon as the world works. They have to know that nothing comes by chance, and if they need anything

They will have to work themselves to buy what they want.

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We have created a system to help children learn how to handle money. We took pencils and paper and made a to-do list, placing it on the refrigerator door. On the side of each task, we write the amount each earned after completing the task. If they do not, there will be no payment. Everyone knows that they work on a commission basis. “But Ferlisadas, I don’t work on commission, I get a fixed salary.” “So what happens to your salary if you take time off work?” If you work, you will receive; otherwise, no. ”Show your children where the money comes from and teach them how to control it. Let them know from a young age what life is like.